Pure Source Rotorua Thermal Mud Body Scrub 150gm


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Rotorua Thermal Mud Body Scrub is rich in minerals which helps to gently cleanse your skin. The added ground walnut shell provides gentle exfoliation, removes dead skin cells and restore the soft texture of the skin.  It doesn’t dry and leaves the body t with a radiant glow.

Ideal for full body brushing and deep exfoliating of all skin types.  Apply on damp skin.

Follow treatment by applying  Pure Source Professional Manuka Creams or for a full body treatment apply Pure Source Thermal Mud Masks.

  • How to use: Apply to damp skin. Massage with particular attention to rough and dry areas. Then wash the scrub off gently in shower or bath. Moisturise with Pure Source After Mud.
  • Skin type(s): Suitable for all skin types.


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