Skin Deep Enriching Honey Cream 75ml


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It’s unique blend of moisturising nourishment is specifically designed to settle redness, restore firmness and support within your skin.  Enriching Honey Cream, has a high UMF™ Manuka Honey content to stimulate cell regeneration and balance within the cellular structure, enabling your metabolism to be re-energised and produce a natural radiance.

Enriching Honey Cream delivers on its promise: it restores the natural balance to the skin by simultaneously increasing hydration, toning and firming.  The ultimate in anti age moisturisers.

Enriching Honey Cream is also multi-purpose; use it as an overnight treatment for maximum penetration or as your daily moisturiser, you will enjoy this rich pampering experience and achieve instant results.

Suitable for dry skin types or for normal/combination skin types as a treatment.  Not suitable if you suffer from allergies to Honey or its by products or if you are Diabetic.


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